How it Works

Once you've signed up for the service, you will enter the Admin Portal and head over to the Web Settings page.

Here, you can change colors, fonts, positioning, the title, and a number of other details to assure that the recommendation engine seamlessly integrates with your existing website.


At the bottom of that page, you receive the code to add to your website.

You copy that code and paste it into your website (depending on your hosting provider, there are some differences, but our Admin Help includes videos explaining how to do it for popular hosting providers, such as Wix, SquareSpace, Shopify, and others), and voilĂ , you're up and running!

The recommendation engine will now appear on your site, wherever you placed the code.

Next, you'll choose some strains to include in the store collection (these are the strains that will be recommended to your consumers). This is not an inventory system; rather, it's simply a list of strain names that you offer.

This can easily be accomplished via the dropdown menu, or as a bulk upload of strain names, each of which you do from the Store Collection page in the Admin Portal.


As consumers make selections, a series of analytics are provided as more than fifteen different data visualizations, measuring the desired effects of your customers against the strains you offer, in addition to access to the data, enabling you to integrate with other systems or create custom analytics, amongst other things.

This is all available out-of-the-box from the Analytics page in the Admin Portal.

From the Account Settings page in the Admin Portal, you can manage your account.

This gives you the ability to add and remove users (for instance, you may want your budtenders to be able to update the Store Collection), roles, dispensary information, reset your API key, or cancel your account.